Luxury should not always be unattainably priced... We aim to bring the balance to our cost ratio, making it affordable for all, without compromising into quality.


Our spa features the most invented & customized list of therapy type, from transforming Sfurti, Nirjala Paddhati all the way to Agni Nivaaran to Dev Shahi Nidra which makes us unique and better then all.


We understand that you rarely get time to relax during your busy week, so only for you we are working early mornings to late nights as per your comfort level / as to your preference.

About Us

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The name Muktaa comes from the Indian origin, In Sanskrit the meaning of the name Mukt (मुक्त) is Freedom / Release.

Let us release you from all stress, pain & feels you rejuvenate refresh & recharge time to time.

A luxurious spa based in South Mumbai offering a wide variety of complete body treatments, with quality of products in highly hygienic environment.

We are coming up with a luxurious high end salon in sobo shortly & 100 branches in pan india within span

Why are we different?

Our all therapies/treatments techniques are totally customised according to urban/ semi urban lifestyle with large variety of services as per your requirements.

We always try to maintain best level of quality assurance, to feel you luxurious & relaxed anytime.